Our Clean Philosophy

Skin loving. Non toxic. Planet positive.

We only use clean and powerful ingredients with a priority on their efficacy, safety and impact on the environment.

High standards at heart. Clean from the start.

We say no way to over 130 ingredients, including GMOs, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, and other known icky ingredients. And yes way to clean ingredients that are as gentle as they are efficacious.

Our products exceed both the US and the EU’s banned ingredient list.

Natural isn’t always better. Some natural ingredients aren’t eco friendly, lose potency quickly, and can cause skin sensitivity. At Alleyoop, we believe in the power of science + nature. By combining the best plant-derived and lab-grown actives, we create best-in-class products that are safe, clean, and kind to skin.


Proud to swap out animal ingredients for plant-derived alternates.


Because animals should be loved on, not clinically tested on.

Net-Zero Plastic Footprint

We remove ocean-bound plastic waste with every purchase.