It’s time to take your time back.

Somewhere between Tamagotchis and TikTok dances, 20-step routines became the new normal. If you aren’t tightening, brightening, contouring, plumping and preventing...yikes. And let’s not forget a workout routine, a career, a family, a social life and oh, your own sanity! It’s insane. And borderline impossible. So we’re changing that with products that do more so you can too.

We’re redefining efficiency.

Our products are so efficient, we almost think there should be a better word than “efficient” to describe them. A lot of people claim it. We invented it. How? With versatile formulas that allow single products to do more than just one thing. (It’s usually more like three or four things.) And intentional designs that make it easier to declutter your life without sacrificing your needs.

The result? Time saved. Space saved. Sanity saved.

Doing sustainability differently.

Sustainability shows up in a lot of ways for us as a brand. Some common, some not so common. Yes, of course we place an emphasis on things like recyclable materials and sustainable sourcing. But we also do things like combine four products into one, resulting in less packaging and material usage than four sold separately. Or pack our orders with biodegradable packing peanuts that dissolve in water.

Most recently, we made it our mission to become plastic neutral! In partnership with Cleanhub, for every order you place with Alleyoop, we’re removing an equivalent amount of plastic waste that’s bound for the ocean. In turn, there’s less pollution in our environments and more sustainable job opportunities created around the globe. The definition of a win-win.

Become an alleyoop co-creator

If we’re going to make the most efficient, game-changing products for women everywhere, we need input from women everywhere. (Crazy approach, we know.) Each and every Alleyoop product that exists today was informed by, tested with, and improved upon by our Co-Creators—a community of creative, ambitious women (like you) that are excited about sharing their ideas, testing new product innovations, and playing a part in revolutionizing the beauty industry as we know it.