All Things Alleyoop

First things first

What’s the scoop on the name Alleyoop?

Our name means a lot of things. Like in b-ball, our game-changing lineup assists you in making moves that matter. It’s also a shout of encouragement that draws attention to a slam dunk. And like our brand, an alleyoop is only possible with teammates — just like our own Alleyoop community. Plus, it sounds fun when it rolls off your tongue!

Our Story

Innovator. Industry disrupter. Major player.

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Our Mission

Bar raised. Moves made.
Beauty game changed.

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Our Products

Minimal. Multifunctional.
On a whole new level.

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Our Sustainability Model

Planet first. Proud B corp. Net-zero plastic footprint.

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Our Clean Philosophy

Skin loving. Non toxic. Planet positive.

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Our Community

Creative. Disruptive. Extra opinionated.

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Our One-of-a-Kind Company

Ambitious. No BS.
Powered by purpose.

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