Meet Team Alleyoop

As a community-powered brand, everything we do at Alleyoop is about empowering you to look & feel good and get your time back for everything you care about... without having to sacrifice one for the other. We rely on our community for everything, from making product decisions to brand activations.

Curious about how you can take part? Read on 👇

Alleyoop Co-Creators


Day job: Industrial Engineer & Web Developer

Side hustle: Photographer


Day job: Content Manager

Side hustle: Copywriter for a local magazine & short story writer


Day job: Executive Assistant

Side hustle: Running a curly blog & aspiring screenwriter


Day job: Researcher

Side hustle: Performance artist

Created by you, not for you.

If we’re going to make the most efficient, game-changing products for women everywhere, we need input from women everywhere. (Crazy approach, we know.) Each and every Alleyoop product that exists today was informed by, tested with, and improved upon by our Co-Creators - a community of women (like you) who are excited about sharing their ideas, testing new product innovations, and being part of a network of creative, ambitious women.

If you love what we do and want to develop more ground-breaking, time-saving products with us, apply to be a Co-Creator below!