Interviews and Internships Or Upcoming Conventions: How To Look Older With Makeup

Interviews and Internships Or Upcoming Conventions: How To Look Older With Makeup

The world is your oyster -- there are opportunities that abound. No matter what interests you personally, many opportunities await—professional gigs -- jobs, and internships alike. But before you can call that dream opportunity your own, you have to nail it with a great interview. 

Don’t fret! We’re here to help you nail your look for a perfectly professional look that will help you put your best face forward. Take a look at these tips to help make you look older and more professional so you can land the gig of your dream career. 

Remember that every successful person had to start somewhere. And usually, that’s at the bottom of the barrel. Don’t be afraid to put in your time and learn what the job is all about. Make the coffee, sweep the floors, and prove you’re an employee of value. 

Looking Older for an Amazing Opportunity

We get it -- it sounds silly to look older. But what we really mean is to look more mature and professional. You may be fully qualified. But if you look too fresh-faced -- AKA too young -- an employer may shy away from hiring you. 

Stereotypes abound for youngsters, and not usually in a good way. 

Does this sound agist and unfair? Absolutely. But that’s why you can prove those theories wrong once and for all. First impressions matter, and by looking as professional as possible on your big day, you can set yourself up for success just by looking at the part. 

Put on your best “I’m a big kid and ready for a big kid job” face and give yourself the best chance yet at landing your sought-after gig. 

Tips for Looking Older On Your Next Interview

As you’re readying your makeup look for your big interview, take a look at these surefire tips to help create a more mature yet still flattering look for your face. Makeup choice and application is key, so don’t overlook slight details; they could get you where you want to go in life, especially with a new job or internship. 

Cover the Blemishes

Zits do not discriminate with age. Anyone who’s above the age of majority knows this. We’ve all woken with a random blemish and thought, “I can still get these.” Therefore, we know it’s not just the youngins who are subject to pimples. 

However, younger folks are more likely to have them, and in a more frequent occurrence. In any case, no one wants red dots on their face, no matter how old you are. 

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Help prevent them from the get-go with a thorough cleansing routine. A clean face is less likely to break out. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend time and energy cleaning your skin. Even a quick routine can get the job done. Take this step to help remove dirt and oil from pores that could cause future zits.

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Hide and Conceal 

Next, hide and conceal when you wake with a blemish (or an entire face full of them). With a good makeup routine, no one will even know you’re hiding pimples under that delicate skin of yours. Choose a concealer that’s lighter than your skin tone and dab away. 

Next, you can cover with your makeup of choice, whether liquid, powder, or cream.

Finally, use your finishing touches, such as blush, contour, and highlight, to create your finished, smoothed look. It’s a routine that will help hide blemishes, creating a fresh yet smooth face going forward. 

Use Neutral Colors

Consider your color choices wisely when applying bronzer with blush, eye shadow, lipstick, and even eyeliner. Bright and bold colors scream, “I’m young and love to take fashion risks.” Even if you aren’t so young but prefer bold makeup, it can make you look years younger than you actually are.

Instead, opt for neutral colors that can be worn on daily. These subdued hues are more natural and are appropriate for all ages. They’re also more likely to match your professional wardrobe—no clashing to worry about! 

Neutral colors are flattering for all skin types and textures. Consider using these on days you’ll interview for a simple way to make everyone guess about your age—all while looking your best.

Don’t Forget Finishing Touches

Mascara, lipstick, and finishing spray are the final touches you need to help you look great for your big day. Mascara brightens the eyes and keeps you looking sharp, no matter how many years your eyes have on them. 

Lipstick brings your entire face together and helps you look polished. Then, top it all with finishing spray to set it in place. Your setting spray keeps makeup from smudging, so you can be confident that your big look stays in place for your entire session. This is just one more way to stack the odds in your favor.

Don’t forget about key finishing touches that can pull your entire makeup look together. 

Last-Ditch Efforts To Add Years 

If you really look young and are applying to a job or internship beyond your typical age group. Or, if you have that baby face that simply won’t age, there are a few more steps you can take to take your look to the next level. 

Go all-out and add a few years with special effects. 

However, avoid extreme color changes, as this will be a dead giveaway. For example, lighter toned skins should use a tan or brown pencil, while lighter colors should use tan or brown. 

Pull it Together

In any case, you can pull your entire look together for a face that’s professional and proves you’re older, wiser, and ready for a new gig. With a smooth, neutrally-colored face that’s bright and ready to take on the day, you’re prepared for the interview!

Just don’t forget that cup of coffee, so you’re energized and ready to chat about all of your best qualities. 

These are some simple steps you can take to help create that final layer of confidence you’ll need in order to pull your entire look together. Help land your dream job by looking and feeling like a million bucks. 

Confidence can take you far in life -- by looking the part and feeling good about what you can do, you’re that much closer to getting picked for the job you want as your own. Don’t overlook just how much your final makeup look can play a role here. 

Cosplay and Special Effects Makeup

Job interviews aren’t the only time you may want to look older, however. What about attending themed parties or creating that new look on Instagram? Cosplay and SFX are great examples of times you may want to try out these new makeup looks.

That big convention that’s coming up? Your costume with the character that’s years older than you? All of this can be helped by makeup that helps add age to your profile. It’s a quick way to adapt your look and transform yourself into someone else. 

You never know what costume idea may pop into your head, and using these aging tips can help you look as old as you prefer. You can even get more complicated by adding prosthetics for deep creases and adding decades to your look.

Then again, there’s a faster way to look older. Simply switch up your daily routine -- albeit slightly -- for a quick way to look older while still looking great for your costume. 

No one wants to be the young buck at the convention when trying to portray an older character. Get in the spirit and make your costume next-level with makeup additions. 

Don’t underestimate the power of makeup and just how much it can change your look. Even the smallest adjustments can completely take over your face and give new life to your everyday appearance. 

Final Tips for Looking More Professional

It’s time to take a few more looks at how you can help keep your makeup professional when interviewing for your next job or internship. 

Remember to keep your makeup blended. Don’t opt for heavy cat eyes or thick-lined lips that don’t match your overall lip color. These bold looks could be a turn-off (or simply a distraction) to a future boss. 

Instead, play it neutral.

You can also practice your look and ask friends and family for their advice. Do they think you look professional? Is there anything they might change? Take their feedback with a grain of salt, of course. But it can help to hear what others have to say. 

The Big Takeaways

It might feel strange to try and make yourself look older -- but the goal is to look more professional for an upcoming gig. It’s an easy way to give yourself a leg up against the competition and prove that you’re as mature as your work skills show themselves. 

Don’t forget to play it safe and go more neutral than you normally might with your makeup before a big meeting. It’s one more way to tip the odds in your favor. Even if you are against neutralizing your individuality, consider the practicality of it all.

You aren’t hiding who you are; you’re giving the employer the chance to mold you in their own mind. To see you in any number of scenarios, including a more adaptable employee. 

Ready to enhance your makeup routine? Take our Quiz and join the #alleyooptroop today! 



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