How to Remove Makeup and Cleanse Your Face

How to Remove Makeup and Cleanse Your Face

Who would think removing your makeup and cleansing your face could be so complicated in our day and age. 

However, these two steps are two of the most important in our skincare routine because they remove any dirt, debris, or sweat that accumulated on our skin throughout the day. 

As simple as it sounds, there’s a right and wrong way to ensure your skin is as healthy and glowing as possible. That is why we have put together a guide to help you remove your makeup and cleanse your face that is no-fuss. 

Why We Should Remove Our Makeup and Cleanse Our Face

Maybe you’ve never been in the habit of removing your makeup or cleansing your face in the evening, and you’re wondering why you should start now. 

With our simple and easy steps, you will feel confident removing your makeup and cleansing your face every evening. 

A few typical results from not properly cleansing your face:

  • Prone to breakouts
  • Clogged pores
  • Blackheads and whiteheads
  • Dull or rough complexion

Furthermore, removing your makeup at the end of the day is essential to let your skin and pores breathe at night and allow for blackheads and breakouts to heal. Finally, washing your face at night is a must (more on morning cleanses later!) because it prepares your skin to repair while you sleep. 

Six Tips for Removing Makeup

It’s super easy to talk ourselves out of washing our face at night. We’re tired, and the last thing we want to do is spend a few extra minutes taking care of our skin. But we’ve put together six incredibly time-saving tips to make sure you can do more with less. 

Keep reading to take a look at our six best tips for removing makeup. 

1. Wash Your Face With a Gentle Cleanser

The first step in successfully removing your makeup and cleansing your face is ensuring you have the correct products for your skin type. It’s usually best to use a gentle cleanser, regardless of your skin type.

However, if you are unsure or have had difficulty finding the correct cleanser in the past, it may be beneficial to chat with your dermatologist to find the best cleanser that’s right for your skin.  

2. Double Cleanse, if You Wear Makeup or Waterproof Sunscreen

If you wear makeup, a second cleanse is always necessary to correctly remove any germs or bacteria that come in contact with your skin throughout the day. 

The first cleanse removes your layer of makeup and oil and debris accumulated on your skin. Then, the second cleanse is to actually cleanse what was under your makeup and properly release debris in your pores and around your nose and eyes. 

This step is essential, especially if you are following your cleanse with an exfoliant or facial mask to create a clean canvas for your products to work correctly.

3. Take Your Time

A few extra seconds spent gently washing your face in small circular motions is well worth the spare time and attention. Your skin will thank you for years to come. Always remember your facial skin is fragile, particularly around the eye area (more on that later!), so you mustn’t scrub back and forth or use a rough washcloth or other cleansing product. 

4. Use Steam Heat to Loosen Your Makeup

Using steam heat will help loosen your makeup if you’ve used more makeup than usual or special makeup for an event or performance.

Simply fill a bowl or sink with hot water and hover your face over it for a minute or so. You can put a towel over your face, so you get more direct steam if you need to. Steam heat helps open your pores, making it easier to cleanse your face properly. 

However, too much steam heat will dry out your skin, so only use this option sparingly.  

5. Be Extra Careful Around the Eye Area

The skin under and around the eye is some of the most delicate skin on the body. Take your time removing your mascara and eyeliner so as not to rub the eye itself. 

Gently cover the eye in a cleansing pad, washcloth, or cleansing mitt, pressing down, and letting the water or eye makeup remover cover the eye. Then gently wipe the pad or cloth across the eyelid, removing any particles of makeup left behind. 

A second cleanse may be necessary if you use intense or waterproof mascara.

6. Be Careful Using Makeup Remover

Always be careful if you choose to use a makeup or eye makeup remover product. Some makeup remover products can be too harsh for skin types, especially around the eye. 

Also, use makeup remover, and facial cleansing wipes sparingly. They have a tendency to pull and tug at the skin causing damage to the delicate facial skin. Some wipes also contain ingredients that may irritate the skin or not combine well with your other facial products. 

What To Do After You Remove Your Makeup and Cleanse Your Skin

So, now you know how to properly remove your makeup and cleanse your skin after a long day. But what happens next? After cleansing your face, a couple more steps are easy to follow to properly care for your skin. 

Gently Pat Your Skin Dry with a Soft Towel

Remember to pat your skin gently with a soft towel and try not to rub your eye area. Never vigorously rub a towel back and forth over your face to remove excess moisture, so you don’t damage your skin.  

Use The Recommended Amount

It’s tempting to slather on more products than necessary or use more cleanser than recommended. But always check the recommended amount on your product, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

Sometimes for toners and serums, it is only recommended to use a small amount due to their potency, so it’s best to double-check before applying too much product to your skin. 

Don’t Forget To Moisturize! 

After cleansing your skin and removing your eye makeup, it is essential to follow up with your regular moisturizer, especially after using lukewarm water or steam heat to loosen your makeup. 

In addition, you will want to resupply the skin with nutrients and lock in moisture so your skin doesn’t become too dry. 

Use Serums or Eye Cream

After you moisturize, you can apply any serums or eye creams you prefer to use. Take advantage of your freshly cleaned face and spend some time applying your favorite products. If you choose to use eye cream, it is good to use some, especially after using steam heat or wearing eye makeup. 

You always want to treat your delicate eye area with extra TLC. 

Don’t Overwash

A second morning cleanse isn’t necessary if you have dry or combination skin to prevent your skin from drying out any further. However, if you have oily or acne-prone skin, you want to wash away any oil or bacteria buildup that accumulated on your skin overnight. 

Do Less With a Multi-Functional Routine

First and foremost, you need a multi-functional and efficient routine to remove your makeup and cleanse your face as possible. 

You’re busy. 

You don’t have time for unnecessary steps or products that will take away from what’s most important to you. So the secret to doing it all is doing less. That is why our team at Alleyoop designed practical and compact products to do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. 

It’s time to get your time back with our Clean Slate: Cleansing Stick that removes makeup (even waterproof mascara!), deeply cleanses, and moisturizes all with a single swipe! Perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

Minimizing extra steps in your beauty routine and still taking care of your skin with extra care. Our Day Away Duo Cleansing Kits are a perfect combination for effectively moving makeup and giving you a deeper cleanse. 

Better yet, our skin-sentials set for clear, healthy, hydrated skin includes everything you need to remove makeup and cleanse your skin. The perfect set comprises just three products taking the place of up to seven steps in your usual beauty routine. 

The skin-setials set removes the makeup remover, cleanser, exfoliator, toner, serum, and moisturizer, providing only three vital products to get you on the go feeling refreshed and ready for the day! 

Declutter Your Cleansing Routine Once and For All! 

Are you looking for more ways to declutter your beauty routine and still take excellent care of your skin? Take our declutter Quiz to find out much time you actually spend on self-care. After you take the quiz, we will recommend a personalized bundle of compact, time-saving products to help you simplify your beauty routine! 


All in all, removing your makeup at the end of a long day and cleansing your face is an essential component in having healthy, glowing skin. 

With just a few easy steps (and multi-functional products!), you can take care of your skin and still have time in your day for what’s most important. Always be gentle and take your time. There’s no rush. And don’t forget to treat your eye area with a little extra TLC. 

Cleansing your face and removing your makeup at the end of the day shouldn’t feel like a chore. Instead, you should enjoy your moments of self-care to the fullest. 

Our team at Alleyoop wants you to love every moment of your self-care routine and still spend time doing the things that matter the most to you! 

Have you already used our compact, fuss-free products? We’d love to hear about your experience! Join the #alleyooptroop to share!



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