How to Get All of Your Beauty Essentials Through TSA

How to Get All of Your Beauty Essentials Through TSA

Traveling is exhausting, which is why you need to maintain your regular skincare routine for the life of your skin. 

As most of you know, any gels, liquids, or aerosol cans have to fit in a one-quart size clear Ziplock bag. But how do you get all of your beauty essentials through the TSA check-in one little Ziplock bag without any extra stress or headaches? 


In recent years, it has become increasingly popular for popular beauty brands to have TSA-approved solutions for all of our beauty essentials, which helps us tremendously when packing to get through airport security as efficiently and effortlessly as possible. 

So, we’ve come up with a list of suggestions to make your day of travel a breeze!

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about getting your beauty essentials through airport security! 

Search for Solid

Most liquid beauty essentials now come in solid forms such as eyeliner, shampoo, blush, and even perfumes! The more beauty essentials you find in solid form, the easier it will be to get through airport security, and the less you have to squeeze in the one-quart size Ziplock bag you’re allowed to take with you on your carry-on. 

You can also get your shampoos in bar form, which will save a lot of space in your one-quart Ziploc bag!  

Switch to Powder Form

Another win for the beauty product industry is the availability of several products now in powder form. Cleansers, sunscreen, and eyeliner are just a few items that can skip the one-quart size Ziplock bag. The more items you can find in powder form, the easier it will be getting through TSA with all of your beauty essentials.  

Multi-Functional Products for the Win

One of the keys to getting all of your beauty essentials through TSA is finding multi-functional products to use instead of an excessive number of products and skincare steps. Multi-functional products have many benefits, including being eco-friendly and cuts down on the number of items you have to fit in a one-quart size Ziplock bag to take on your carry-on. Simplifying your skincare routine also lightens the weight of your luggage. 

There are many different products that you can find on the market today that have multi-functional uses. For example, our Clean Slate all-in-one cleansing stick removes makeup, deeply cleanses, and moisturizes your skin!

A three-in-one product that is practical, space-saving, and compact for easy packing and traveling, saving you from having to pack makeup remover, moisturizer, and a cleanser. Streamlining your beauty essentials makes your trip through TSA quick and painless! 

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Also, our All-In-One portable razor has a refillable water bottle, Shea Butter moisturizing bar, and two triple-blade razor cartridges! It truly is designed to keep you moving. The bottom line is multi-functional products do more, so you can too! 

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Look for Bundles 

A great way to get all of your beauty essentials through TSA is to invest in bundles of your favorite beauty and cosmetic line. Companies usually have bundles of your favorite line with mini or travel-sized bottles, making them the perfect solution when it comes to bringing all of your favorite products with you on your trip.

Stock up on Samples

It might remind you of your grandma’s sample stash, but she was right! Stocking up on your favorite beauty product samples is the way to go. Don’t be afraid to ask if your favorite products come in samples of your beauty products at the makeup counter. 

Or, if you order the majority of your products, shoot the company an email and ask for them to send you samples with your next order. Most companies are more than happy to oblige. It’s a win-win for both of you: they get you to try a product you might not have tried before, and you get to test new samples. 

Preflight Spa Night 

A relaxing way to prepare for a long day of travel may be to have a spa night before your trip. Having a preflight spa night does two things. First, it lets you leave all of your extras at home, such as your facial masks, cucumbers, and exfoliants. Second, it is a great way to feel refreshed and rejuvenated on your trip. 

You don’t need all of the extras you think you’ll need when you pack for your trip because the truth is you won’t have as much time as you think you will to relax and unwind after a long day of sightseeing. Leaving all the extras at home also gives you something to look forward to when you get back: a post-trip spa night!  

The same goes for touching up on your nails! If you paint your own nails and toenails, the night before you fly is the best time to get out your nail polish and pamper yourself. There is no reason to fly with nail polish or nail polish remover. It takes up too much space, and, again, you most likely won’t have time to do any touch-ups. 

Pack Wipes

You can never leave home without too many wipes!

There are makeup wipes, nail polish removing wipes, self-tanner wipes, and hand wipes instead of hand washing. If you’re adventurous, you may even want to try deodorant wipes, which will cut down on the number of products you need to make room for in your carry-on. Stashing wipes in your purse or bag is a handy place to keep them for when you’ll want to freshen up mid-flight.

Items You Can Leave At Home

There are several items in your beauty essentials you may just want to leave at home because the hotel may already provide them, or you can buy them along the way as needed. The following is an extensive list of what we found to be unnecessary to pack to make room for all of your beauty essentials you need to get through airport security:


  • Hairdryer – Most hotels have a hairdryer provided in the room already, or you can ask for them.
  • Cotton balls or rounds – It is typical for hotels to now have a few provided for you, or you can quickly grab them at a store.
  • Feminine products – You could bring a couple in case of emergency, but most hotels now have them if you need them, and, again, it is something you can grab at any nearby store. 
  • Liquid nail polish remover – You may think you’ll have time to do your nails on your trip, but the reality is you most likely won’t. If you must get liquid nail polish remover on your trip, it is available at almost any corner drugstore. 
  • Multiples of the same product – As tempting as it is to bring multiple eyeshadows, lipsticks, soaps, and fragrances, it is better to have a capsule look so it saves space. It helps to stick to the same color palette in our makeup to pack a capsule wardrobe.
  • Flatiron and Curling Iron – Traveling is an excellent time to give your hair a necessary break from the heat that could damage your hair over time.  Most hotels have them available upon request if you absolutely must use a flatiron or a curling iron.  

Find TSA-Approved Liquid Containers

For the liquid beauty essentials you can’t live without, it is crucial to find TSA-approved size bottles to fit in your one-quart size Ziploc bag. A good rule of thumb to live by is the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule. 

Three ounces or less, all in a one-quart Ziploc bag per person traveling. Find a set of small, TSA-approved bottles for all of your liquids you have to take. 

Simplify your Beauty Routine Before You Fly

Everything about traveling is fun except maybe packing your bags and constantly thinking about what can and can’t go through TSA. That is why before going on a trip is the best time to start simplifying your everyday beauty routine. Multiple products and steps to your skincare routine may be popular, but it’s better on your skin (and your wallet) to only use a few products. 

It can be difficult paring down the essentials to what you need the most in your beauty routine, but you can save time, energy, and space by simplifying your beauty routine with a bit of planning. 


To effectively get all of your beauty essentials through TSA, you need to find as many products that you use as possible in solid or powder form. 

Another great way to make your trip through TSA security as effortless as possible is to find multi-purpose products to take the place of three or four of your current products. Multi-purpose products are compact and save us time and space! 

Look for bundles of your favorite product lines because they will most likely include everything you need in compact, TSA-approved-sized bottles.

As much fun as it sounds to have a facial mask night on your trip, you will most likely run out of time, and it will be a wasted use of space in your carry-on that for your beauty essentials you couldn’t live without for a few days of travel. 

However, nothing is more relaxing than having a preflight spa night at home, except maybe having a post-flight spa night to unwind and relax from your trip. So keep all the extras at home for a spa night when you return, such as a facial mask, exfoliator, and don’t forget the cucumbers for tired eyes! 

Pack wipes for everything you find to save space in your carry-on. 

Join the #alleyooptroop and let us know what tips helped you get through TSA security! Follow us on social media @meetalleyoop for all the latest in our products and tips! 


We’d love to hear from you! Have safe and happy travels! 



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