Can You Bring Razors in Your Carry-On?

Can You Bring Razors in Your Carry-On?
Not sure if you can bring razors in your carry-on? It seems there’s always lingering confusion about what you are allowed to pack in our carry-on luggage versus your checked luggage, particularly with razors. Navigating current rules and regulations for airplane travel can be tricky and time-consuming.

However, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has strict rules regarding razors, liquids, and other daily beauty routine necessities in our carry-on, so it’s essential to make sure you’re ready to go through the airport security line.

Whether you’re planning a short weekend trip to New Orleans, or a three-month backpacking trip to Europe, we want you to be ready for wherever your travels may take you! So, to help ease any stress from packing or going through airport security, we at Alleyoop have put together a quick guide to save you time, space, and energy and get you on your way!

Keep reading to find out what razors are allowed in your carry-on and what razors you should leave in your checked bag or at home.

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Can You Take a Razor on the Plane?

Some razors are allowed in your carry-on, and all razors are permitted in your checked luggage to help quickly clear up any confusion. The razors for your carry-on depend on the type of razor as well as the type of blade. Razors are considered sharp objects by the TSA. However, they only enforce the kind of razor you bring for all carry-on luggage, not checked luggage.

Okay, so we now know we can take certain types of razors on the plane in our carry-on, but which ones? The regulations are different for every type of razor and its blade, so it’s important to know ahead of time which razor and blade you can carry on and which one you need to throw in your checked luggage.

Next, we’ll dive into the four most common types of razors and what the TSA says about them!

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The 4 Most Common Types of Razors

There are four most common types of razors travelers tend to pack in their carry-on bags. All have different procedures and rules for travel, for the safety of yourself, your fellow travelers, the flight attendants, and pilots. Packing for a trip and getting through security is hard enough without the extra headache of what razors you can bring in your carry-on.

We’ve researched the most common types of razors and their blades so you know exactly what you can bring in your carry-on luggage and have one less thing to worry about on your trip! Ready to get started?

1. Straight Razors

Straight razors are prohibited on all carry-on luggage and are only allowed in checked baggage, as stated by the TSA. You can only pack a straight razor in your carry-on luggage if you first remove the blade and safely wrap it in a towel or a clothing item in your checked bag. Otherwise, you will have to pack it with the rest of your scanned items.

Be sure to wrap it in something prominent and safe so TSA inspectors or baggage handlers will see it to prevent them from being cut while processing your luggage. You may want to seal in plastic wrap so it will not damage anything else in your checked bag. If you want to save time and energy when packing, you could pack your straight razor without the blade and just pick up a blade at your final destination.

2. Safety Razors

Like the straight razor, safety razors are not permitted in any carry-on luggage because they are also considered sharp objects. The razor blades on a safety razor are super easy to remove and are not regarded as safe for carry-on bags. However, just like the straight razor, you can safely store the blade separately from the razor in your checked luggage.

If you must travel with your safety razor, it may be more efficient and practical to stow both your razor and blade together in your checked luggage. As always make sure, it is clearly labeled and wrapped safely in plastic wrap so it will not damage any of your other items in your bag or accidentally harm anyone handling your checked luggage.

3. Electric Razors

Electric razors are permitted by the TSA in both your carry-on and checked luggage. The majority of travelers find it convenient to pack their electric razors for travel rather than dealing with the hassle of straight or safety razors. However, although they are convenient, traveling with electric razors can be challenging to plan for when traveling to other countries such as Europe, which have a different voltage than America.

When charging or plugging in your electric razors while traveling, take safety precautions to make sure you don’t blow a fuss, which can be pretty hazardous! It is best to buy a converter or dual voltage adapter before you leave for your trip to ensure you can safely plug in your electric razor.

It is best to pack your converters or dual voltage adapters in your checked bags to keep everything safe!

Make sure you pack your electric razor safely and securely if you decide to pack it in your carry-on or checked luggage. Securely packing your electric razor reduces the risk of a malfunction. It also ensures there is no damage to your razor during your flight.

Also, you wouldn’t want it to turn on mid-flight accidentally! It might be best for you to remove the batteries from your electric razor and store them safely in your checked bag to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

Note: the TSA does allow for dry batteries such as AA, AAA, C, D, or other standard sizes in your carry-on and your checked luggage. However, they don’t allow lithium batteries with 100-watt hours or less to be packed loose in your carry-on. Therefore, it is best to pack your lithium batteries safely in your checked bags.

4. Disposable Razors

Disposable razors are the most common type of razors among travelers today. So, no need to worry - disposable razors are allowed on all carry-on luggage. There are two types of disposable razors.

One is entirely disposable (handle, blade, and all), and the other is where you can periodically replace the blade cartridges when they get dull. TSA regulations allow for both kinds of disposable razors in your carry-on luggage.

An excellent way to store them is to put them in a safe place in your carry-on luggage, such as your quart-size clear Ziplock bag with your other carry-on size liquids. If that is too full, you can safely place it in a separate bag or wrapped in plastic or cloth. In addition, our All-In-One portable on-the-go razor and its blades are always TSA-approved and perfect for space-saving, compact packing.

The best part?

It has a moisturizing bar built-in for a practical, multi-functional shaving experience while on the go! And it’s gentle enough for all skin types, including sensitive skin, so you don’t have to worry about irritation or razor burn while you travel. Each of the three razor blades also has a lubricating pre-shave strip to ensure you always have a smooth shave!

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Can You Bring Shave Gel or After-Shave Lotion On the Plane?

Okay, so now we know which razors and their corresponding blades are allowed in your carry-on luggage. What about your shave gel or hydrating lotions?

They are all considered liquid, so they must comply with the current TSA liquid requirements for carry-ons. For example, to safely bring all of your liquid containers through security, each container of liquid can’t exceed 3.4 (100 ml) fluid ounces per bottle, and all of your containers of liquid must fit in one clear single quart-size (1 liter) Ziplock bag or other TSA approved clear bag.

If your shave gels and creams are in their original large bottles, you can always buy travel-size bottles to transfer the product into carry-on size bottles. If you want to simplify your to-do list, you can always look for products that already come in travel-size containers, which is always convenient when packing your carry-on!

There are other options as well. For example, our Smooth Operator ultra-hydrating body lotion already comes in a space-saving, efficient TSA-approved tube, making it super friendly for all of your travel! However, If you are checking your bags, you can always fill any number of liquid containers in their original bottles with no limit to the liquid amount.

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How to Simplify Your Shaving Routine While Traveling

Do you really need so many shaving and beauty products? Probably not.

Packing for a trip is the perfect time to simplify your shaving and beauty routine!

When you are at home, it is easy to add multiple products and steps to your daily routine, but when you start packing for a trip, you frequently find how many of your everyday products are really unnecessary in order to look and feel your best!

However, simplifying your shave and beauty routine doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. It’s as easy as finding multi-functional products that reduce waste and are sustainable to match your busy lifestyle.


The good news? You can bring razors in your carry-on! However, don’t forget the rules you need to follow to bring it safely on board.

In order to bring them in your carry-on, however, you need to follow the current TSA razor rules and regulations regardless of where you travel. Electric and disposable razors TSA-approved for your carry-on luggage. Don’t forget it is best to remove the batteries from your electric razor before putting them in your carry-on (pack the batteries safely in your checked luggage).

Your straight razor is not TSA-approved in your carry-on luggage unless you remove the blade and safely wrap it in your checked bag. The same goes for your safety razors: put them in your checked baggage or remove the blade. But, of course, you could always buy your razor blades at your final destination if you favor your straight or safety razor and are only packing a carry-on. Don’t forget our portable All-In-One razor is already TSA-approved and ready to go when you are!

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And, what about putting your shaving cream and hydrating lotions in your carry-on luggage? They all have to comply with the TSA liquid carry-on regulations, including the maximum size of 3.4 fluid ounces (100 ml) per bottle, and it must fit with all of your other liquids in one clear single quart-size Ziplock bag. All other liquids more considerable than the restricted size must be in your checked luggage.

Also, traveling is the best time to simplify your shaving and beauty routine!

Join the #alleyooptroop and share your experiences with traveling with razors in your carry-on!

We’d love to hear from you! Happy travels!

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