Makeup Should Be Fun & Easy

“Unlearning the destructive messaging of the beauty industry has been a lifelong journey for me. We are constantly bombarded with advertising filled with unattainable beauty standards, overly complicated routines and ever-shifting trends—all of which prey upon our insecurities and keep us endlessly searching for the next need-to-have product.

This is the opposite of what I wanted when I created Alleyoop. Alleyoop is on a mission to simplify your world, so that you can keep making moves in your life.”

Leila Kashani
CEO & Founder

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Gratitude is powerful! A growing number of studies suggest that gratitude may make people physically and mentally healthier. In support of Mental Health Awareness month, we're giving away a free digital download of our grateful journal below!

The Harmful Effects of the Beauty Industry

The harmful effects of the beauty industry are felt by everyone. One research study that focused on women specifically concluded that “overall the beauty industry has a negative effect on a woman’s self-esteem, body image, and perception of beauty. By using upward comparisons, women are constantly comparing themselves to standards of beauty that society shows to them.”

Mental Health Resources

There's no shame in needing help, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to a friend, loved one, certified professional or community group. Below are a few resources that could be beneficial:

Teen Line

SAMHSA’s National Helpline
800-662-HELP (4357)

Suicide Prevention Hotline

Prioritizing your Mental Health

Everyone finds respite in different ways. This article provides tips and fresh perspectives on everything from setting boundaries and prioritizing rest to gardening and dancing.

Here are some other ways to recharge your mental health:

1. Evaluate your boundaries
2. Get out in nature
3. Reflect & practice gratitude
4. Do a breathing exercise
5. Join a supportive community (like ours!)

The People Behind-the-Scenes

The beauty industry is evolving and with it, our idea of what beauty truly means. There is an undeniable movement happening—one that values simplicity over excess, accessibility over expectations and self-expression over perfection. Everyone on our team—cast and crew—has a lived experience that aligns with this movement and for that, we are beyond grateful.