Looking to simplify your beauty routine?

5 Ways Alleyoop’s Clean, Minimal Beauty Products Will Save You Time

1. Our Products Are Versatile, So You Can Get Ready With Less

We’ve combined all of your daily essentials into fewer, more efficient products. (Think 4-in-1 makeup brushes and 3-in-1 face palettes.) So you can use less to get the same look you love.

2. They Are All Travel Friendly So You Can Do Your Makeup On The Go

Not only is every single one of our products compact enough to fit in the smallest of purses, they’re also all ridiculously easy to use and designed to shave time off your routine.

3. We Only Use Clean Ingredients That We Can Pronounce

We believe in only putting the good stuff into your body, which is why our formulas are vegan, paraben-free, latex-free, phthalate-free, and aluminum-free.

4. Everything Is Designed With Sustainable, Recycled Materials

Sustainable packaging, recyclable materials, water-free formulas, cruelty-free testing, and plastic-neutral production are just a few of the ways we cut down on our environmental impact. 

5. We Make It Easy To Find Your Perfect Shades

Our shade finder quiz takes the guess work out of finding your new favorite everyday essentials in the perfect shades for your skin tone!

“The brand that makes beauty doable, no matter where you are or how full your calendar is, the right products can actually give back space and time.”

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