Types Of Lips: 5 Differences You Should Know

Types Of Lips: 5 Differences You Should Know

Did you know there are different types of lips? No matter your desired look or what Mother Nature gave you in this department, there are takeaways that you can use in your favor. Take a look at the makeup of each type of look so you can make smart and pointed decisions with your own makeup routine – specifically the lips. 

Make your pouter pop when you know how your lips are shaped and what you should do with them, no matter what your overall goal may be. Besides, understanding various shapes can let you know what makeup can do, whether you're doing it for yourself or others. 

Lips that aren’t like yours aren’t wrong or different. They just have features that you don’t, and vice versa. Understanding the differences can help you switch up your makeup routine and create a daily step process full of colors and products that work for you. 

Take a look at these important differences among lip shapes and how you can best identify with your own lip shape. 

Types of Lips 

Everyone was born with lips of all shapes and sizes. Some are long, while others are more compact. Some have fuller lips, and others are missing in the plump department. Many don’t like the shape of their lips and have filler added in. 

This can change the shape of your lip but may not always do so in the way that you wish. What’s more, is that it can cause your lips to change over time.

There are many types of lips, and much like the snowflake, you can argue that no two are exactly the same. However, there are main categories that each falls within. By learning the basics of what lips have and entail, you can learn more about your lips and the products that will be best for your desired look. 

Choosing Your Best Lip Look 

In any case, lip shape matters when deciding how to create a different look for your lips can be done once you know what to do with those products. This can make or break your entire makeup routine. 

But don’t worry! 

You can create a simple solution to your lip routine with the help of easy steps and smart products. Learn how to enhance your lip shape.

Thin Lips 

Thin lips are just what their name implies – lips free from excess plump. They sit squarely on the mouth without much extra emphasis to hold. There is nothing wrong with thin lips, and they can be helpful in many tasks, such as playing instruments, speaking different languages, or saving on lip products.

However, this is completely a personal preference. The best step in achieving the look you want is to understand your own style of lip and create a routine that has your pucker looking like you prefer. 

You likely have thin lips if there isn’t much shape to your lips. Thin lips are usually longer than they are wide and can be pursued to hide them completely. Take a look in the mirror and see if you have thin lips. Doing so can help you create your best makeup routine going forward. 

Full Lips 

Full lips are about as opposite as it gets from thin lips. Full lips take place when your pucker is thick with lip material. Those with full lips can usually feel their lips moving.

Hollywood has long since portrayed full lips as the desired look by many. But not everyone prefers a full lip. Determine what’s best for you, as lips can be thinned or emphasized with the power of makeup. 

You likely have full lips if you can feel excess plump on them, if you purse out your lips and can see them when looking down, or if you can create a shadow with your lips alone. 

Take a look at your front camera to get a better idea of what you’re dealing with and to find the shape of your own lips. 

Top-Heavy Lips 

Again, this one is a no-brainer. Having top-heavy lips is when you have a top lip that’s bigger and fuller than its bottom counterpart. The look is visibly apparent – you can tell with a single glance if your top lip is more significant than the bottom version. 

Top-heavy lips are common in certain cultures. But it’s also just a genetic anomaly that can show up from time to time. It’s a look that many desire and seek on purpose. If you have a top-heavy lip, consider if you prefer the look au natural or if you’d prefer to balance them out. 

Bottom-Heavy Lips 

In contrast, there are also bottom-heavy lips. This is just the opposite of the above. It’s when your bottom lip is the fuller of the two. It creates a more natural fullness to the mouth and is also more common among people. 

More people have a bottom lip that is bigger than the top than vice versa. 

In fact, when having lips plumped (either surgically or with makeup), it’s usually the bottom lip that gains more emphasis than the one on top. This is a great way to check out your own lip style and learn the basics of accentuating your desired look and enhancing what’s already there. 

Do a quick check to see which of your lips is the fuller of the two.

Heart-Shaped Lips 

Now it’s time to talk about heart-shaped lips. This happens when your lips are fuller in the center – essentially creating a natural heart – and thinner around the edges. This is another naturally desired trait, as it allows your lips to appear full within the center. 

When placing liner or lip products, users often try to create this heart-style look. If you naturally have heart-shaped lips, consider yourself lucky, as many have tried to recreate this very look for themselves. You can also add dimension. 

Again, it’s time to pop open that front camera to check out your lips and see how they take shape. Pucker up, and if your lips are thicker in the center of your mouth, it’s safe to say that you have a heart-shaped mouth. 

Evaluating Your Lips 

Remember that it’s possible to have more than one of the above. For instance, you can have a fuller bottom lip while still having a pucker that’s heart-shaped. 

However, the main takeaway is to learn to embrace your own lips.

Check out what shape you have, and then find ways to create your preferred look every day. Better yet is the ability to do so quickly to not drag on your daily makeup routine. 

There are even great things for those who love a quick routine. A simple daily makeup plan can make a big difference, and how you mark your lips is just one more way to hone in your desired daily look. 

Understanding your own lips and their shape can make all the difference in your lip game. Keep them plump and healthy, or celebrate the thinness and enjoy what Mother Nature gave you. The best way to do so is to know what you have and the best ways to put your lips together. 

Makeup or bare – the choice is up to you with your daily makeup routine. 

Why Lip Shapes Matter 

Now that you understand the different types of lips, you may be wondering why lip shape matters. You can evaluate it for several reasons and learn how to play in your lips to your entire shape or makeup look. In other words, by changing your lip shape (even with makeup, not surgically), you can change the entire look and feel of your face. This also means you can adjust based on the goal. 

For instance, you can keep it simple with the Double Team Tinted lip lotion or a gloss like our Multi-Mood that offers 1 lip color in 3 finishes to dress it down for work or running errands. 

Meanwhile, you can step it up for a night out on the town. Add liner and colors of dimensions to dress up your lip look. 

Learning the basics of how to do your lip makeup can also adjust your lip shapes, such as creating fuller sections, evening out the shape of your lips, and more. Even if you don’t plan to do this every day, understanding the basics can give you more options when you want to break them out. 

However, other than personal preference, lip shape doesn’t necessarily matter. It’s all about creating the finished design you want and are trying to achieve, whether fancy or dressed down. 


There are various types of lips and lip shapes, and each can make your face beautiful and unique. It’s these features that bring your entire look together, and you should be proud of your pretty face, lips included. 

There are lips that are full, thinner, and those with one lip thicker than the other. Or there are heart-shaped lips where the center of the lips is fuller than the outer edges. 

Know how your lips come together and how they rest on your face. Doing so can help you create a fast yet effective makeup routine, whether you want to remain casual or get fancy. 

To learn more about your lips and how you can learn more about your face’s unique features, check out more tips at Alleyoop.


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