How to Wash Exfoliating Gloves?

How to Wash Exfoliating Gloves?

Exfoliating our skin is an essential step in our beauty routine: it removes the outer layer of dead skin, as well as anything our daily cleansing may have left behind. Even the most minimal, multi-functional beauty routines should include exfoliating once or twice a week to brighten your skin for a youthful glow.

Exfoliating gloves are the best way to take your exfoliation up a notch! Using exfoliating gloves or mitts, you can gently deep clean pores, support a healthy complexion, and soothe your skin tone to promote a soft, even texture.

You may have heard about exfoliating gloves before and know the importance of using them in your daily beauty routine, but you may not be familiar with how to keep them clean.

Cleaning your exfoliating gloves and other beauty products is important because dead skin, germs, and bacteria get left behind after use! Even more, if exfoliating gloves aren't dried properly after washing, bacteria may continue to grow in them before your next exfoliation session!

But don't worry. Keeping things clean and bacteria-free can be simple and easy, depending on the type of exfoliation glove you have.

In this post, we at Alleyoop will share our best tips for properly washing your exfoliating gloves in the most efficient, practical steps so you can get on with your day!

Let's get into it!

Each Brand of Exfoliating Gloves Is Different

Exfoliating gloves are all made differently depending on the brand and type of glove, so it's always best to double-check the manufacturer's instructions before washing your gloves. The following is a list overviewing the most common types of material used in exfoliating gloves and the best way to wash them.


Silicone exfoliating gloves are somewhat easy to clean, but they are not machine washer safe. They only require a thorough cleaning using hot water and soap.

Viscose or Rayon

Viscose and rayon material have been trending for exfoliating gloves for the last few years. However, gloves made from viscose or rayon require extra care and wear out after a few weeks.

The best way to care for them is to soap them in warm water and then rinse them. You can also choose to wash them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle and hang dry for the most stubborn dirt and debris.


Exfoliating gloves made from bamboo usually can be thoroughly hand-washed using hot water and soap and then left to air dry. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials for exfoliating gloves, and it is growing in popularity.


Exfoliation gloves made from sisal fabric need regular washing and sanitizing to avoid unwanted build-up of mold or other bacteria. Thoroughly wash them with soap and water to remove any residue and then allow them to air dry.


Silk is not a less popular material for exfoliating gloves and mitts than silicone or bamboo, but some gloves are 100% silk. A weekly gentle wash with soap or your favorite detergent for your delicates and warm water should do the trick.


Charcoal has been growing in popularity in recent years for all things spanning from lattes to exfoliating gloves. Charcoal exfoliating gloves are best washed with water, rinsed thoroughly, and hung to dry.


Microfiber material is the best for long-lasting, eco-friendly, and durable exfoliating gloves that only require a minimal and efficient cleaning process. Our About Face double-sided cleansing mitt is easy to clean. Just throw it in the eco-friendly, machine-washable bag we include with your gloves, and put it right in the washer!

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Day-to-Day Cleaning

Okay, so we know how to wash our exfoliating gloves thoroughly, but what about keeping our gloves clean day-to-day?

Keep reading!

Although routinely washing your exfoliating gloves can help keep bacteria and germs from building up, there are a few things you can do day-to-day to make sure you are keeping your gloves as clean as possible. Don't worry! It's all super simple and efficient to keep your daily beauty routine to the minimum.

For example, it is essential to rinse the gloves clean with warm water after each use and hang them to dry. Some exfoliating glove brands recommend putting a small amount of your soap on the glove and rinsing it thoroughly after every use. Of course, you can just use warm water for most of them, but check your gloves’ washing instructions to make sure.

Like all of our products, our double-sided cleansing mitt is practical and compact, making washing and sanitizing a breeze. If you feel that you are already spending too much time on your exfoliating glove maintenance and other parts of your beauty routine, it may be time to simplify.

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To effectively wash your exfoliating gloves or mittens, it is essential to check your manufacturer's label before throwing them in the washing machine, and make sure you are aware of any other special instructions. Every material used in exfoliating gloves has special washing instructions, so make sure you check before washing them.

Second, always make sure you maintain daily care for your exfoliation gloves. This routine usually consists of a thorough rinsing with hot water before air drying, but some exfoliation gloves require a quick daily wash using soap as well.

Washing your exfoliating gloves shouldn’t add stress to your daily life. By following our simple and time-saving tips for keeping them clean, you’ll have the time and energy for what matters.

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