How To Use Bronzer With Other Makeup

How To Use Bronzer With Other Makeup

When it comes to dramatically changing your makeup look with small, easy changes to your routine, bronzer is where it’s at. This stuff is versatile; It’s easy to use. And it’s a simple addition to your makeup bag and steps to being ready. If you ask us, there are no downsides!

Bronzer is easily adaptable to skin tone and texture too. So there’s no need to worry that color isn’t right for you or won’t sit well on your skin. Simply use more or less depending on your desired look. Most bronzer users also adjust how much they use based on the time of year, whether their skin is lighter in the winter or after a deep summer glow. 

Let’s look at how you can use a bronzer with other makeup and adapt it to your current makeup routine. You can use it as a stand-alone item or blend it into your current setup. (Have we mentioned that this stuff is versatile?) 

What’s Your Current Makeup Routine?

Let’s take a few minutes to understand just how adaptable this stuff truly is. If you prefer a full face of makeup that’s done up, or if you’re going fancier for a night out, bronzer has your back. With liquid foundation, cream sticks, or even brush-on powder, you can achieve your desired look.

If you go more natural, bronzer has got your back. Use it on top of a light makeup setup, or go all-natural and allow it to add a little color to your cheeks. Again, add as much or as little as you like to create the look you’ve been waiting for. 

Using Broner As a Finishing Touch

Where are our quick and out-the-door folks at? When it comes to bronzer as a finishing touch, this is your bread and butter. It’s kind of like a finishing powder, but with more kick. You can use a powdered bronzer that adds color or shimmer across your cheekbones, on the bridge of the nose, your forehead, or wherever else you see fit. 

If you prefer a powdered bronzer, grab a foundation brush and sweep it onto the face. You can choose a color that’s suitable for your coloring and desired look. Add shimmer, a pink tint, or any other features that draw your eye. 

Simply do your makeup as usual, then complete the look with your bronzer. Start small and add on until you’re happy with the overall look. Soon you’ll get the hang of it and know how much to add, where, and if you want to try out new colors. 

This is one of the most simple ways to try out bronzer and see if it’s right for you. Or to experiment and determine your best look. Besides, if you accidentally go too heavy-handed, you can easily rub some of it off, saving your entire look along the way. 

Using Cream Bronze

Another way to try out bronzer is through a cream version. Try a palette that can be dabbed or sponged on, like this one from Alleyoop

Or you can use a stick version. Both are similar in consistency, look, and feel. It’s simply a matter of preference and how you like to do your makeup. 

When using this method of bronzer, you’ll apply it a little differently. As you add your foundation, go light on the cheeks or areas you’ll be placing the bronzer. You can also avoid these areas with foundation altogether. This is totally about preference. Some like layering, so they put on their favorite foundation first and then add the bronzer. 

Then some prefer to skip the cheeks (or anywhere else they will be placing their bronzer). This method works great too! Instead of foundation on those areas, you’ll use bronzer instead. Take the cream and blend it into your foundation edges for a flawless look. 

When using this step, you’ll use a sponge and blend the cream into your skin and foundation. You can smooth it to reach your desired look. And because you’re blending, you can add more or less as you see fit. Simply blend until you have reached your desired look! 

Bronzer By Contour 

But that’s not all you can do with bronzer. It’s here with one more curveball to throw our way. If you’re a fan of contour, chances are you already know this method and are using it on the reg. But for those who aren’t familiar with contouring, it’s a whole new ballgame.

Contouring means using different colors of makeup to add your own shadows and section of light. It gives you control and allows you to place the focus where you want it to go.

You can achieve this look by mixing different colors of liquid foundation or by using cream sticks. Cream pallets can also be used to find your best-contoured look. 

To create your bronzer to contour, you’ll place the darker of your two colors in strategic places, along the cheeks, on the forehead, and down the nose. Then add your light sections and blend, blend, and blend! 

Once complete, you’ll have a smooth, seamless look where you’re all put together. Bronzer and all. You still may want to add powder, possibly bronzer powder, atop your finished look. Doing so can create a matte finish and add shine just where you want it to be. 

If you prefer wearing a full face or want to try something more labor-intensive, perhaps for a night out, this may be the way to go. Consider trying your contour skills for a new full-faced look. 

What Type of Bronzer Is Right For You?

If you’ve never used bronzer before, choosing which option or method may be best for you can be difficult. We suggest opting for the type of application method you like best. If you’re a powder wearer, use powder. If you like liquids and creams, take that route instead. 

In any case, there is no right or wrong answer. If you decide you don’t like your choice, try something different. You can always switch it up and opt for something different instead. Maybe you’ll invent a whole new makeup routine. Maybe you’ll do what you’ve always done with a slightly altered step. 

Whatever the case, make it your own. Find ways to create looks that you desire and allow yourself to feel confident every step of the day. And bronzer can help get you where you want to go! 

Why Bronzer Matters 

You’re perfectly beautiful all on your own. There’s no need for makeup to make you look gorgeous. But of course, many of us want to wear makeup to boost confidence or look our best while taking on the day. 

Bronzer can help you do just that. By adding flush and shimmer, you have a way of adjusting how light hits your face and your skin tone for the entire day.

We get it. You’re busy. You’ve got stuff to do. Don’t fret about your makeup routine, but rather make it as simple as possible. Give yourself the look you want and deserve by creating flattering and functional steps all at once without wasting an hour of your day to get the perfect face. 

You can do this with a few quick and trusty go-to steps, including bronzer. Use it through all seasons to add the perfect amount of flush, simply by adjusting how much you use and where it’s placed. Bronzer has your back, even when you don’t realize it. 

How To Best Adapt Your Bronzer Routine

If you’re a blush user, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. You’ve been using blush for years, so what’s the point of adding this new, unfamiliar thing to your makeup routine? Believe it or not, the two can be used in tandem with one another. You can add bronzer and blush at the same time. Or with one on top of the other. (We recommend blush on top of bronzer, but hey, it’s your face, go nuts.)

In the winter, you can use it to avoid looking so pale or washed out. This is true of all skin tones. While, in the summer, you can add it to hot spots to get a freshly tanned look all season long. Or, use it to help match your makeup tone to your tanner, darker skin. The world is your oyster.

As for stacking blush, you have plenty of options there, too. Essentially, bronzer can be used throughout the face. You can create any number of tanned or glowing areas across the face. Usually, you’ll aim for the cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. But you can do as many of those areas (or as few of them) as you please. 

Once you’ve reached your desired level of bronze, it’s time to add blush. Here, you’ll head to the cheeks alone—dab on a little pink to round out your look. Adding blush to the cheekbones will create a natural flushed look, especially when paired with bronzer. 

This simple sweep looks flattering and natural for every season. And it’s a quick step that you can add to your daily routine, especially if you are a longtime supporter of using blush. 


Wearing bronzer just may be your favorite makeup step. Adding it to your daily routine allows you to dress up your face, adding glimmer and tone just where you want it most. Better still is that you can adapt it to meet your preferences and skin tone. Add a little or a lot, the choice is yours, and you can make it every day.

Go dark or light based on the time of year or occasion. The choice is yours. Consider different formats, such as liquid, cream, or powder, to blend and sweep into the skin, just where you want your color most. It’s time to put your best face forward and take the day by storm. 

Get after it and create confidence in your look and entire makeup game. Thanks to the help of bronzer. To learn more about creating the perfect look visit Alleyoop today! 



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