How To Make Your Eyelashes Longer Without Extensions

How To Make Your Eyelashes Longer Without Extensions

Are you tired of paying for overpriced lashes and dealing with the maintenance of your falsies? Then we’ve got you covered. 

Our team at Alleyoop has put together the ultimate guide to growing out your eyelashes naturally. At this point, you may be wondering if it’s even possible to grow out your lashes to have long lashes without the use of chemicals and falsies. 

To answer your question, yes, it’s possible to make your eyelashes longer without eyelash extensions on your lash lines. And doable. There are several home remedies and all-natural oils, and moisturizers that you can use on your eyelids to enhance your lash growth. 

However, the natural approach to growing your lashes longer does require more time and patience. The change won’t happen overnight, but you will notice a difference in your lash’s health and, therefore, their growth over time. 

Before discussing the natural remedies for lash growth, let’s look at possible reasons why your lashes either stopped growing or grew incredibly slow. 

Why Did Your Eyelashes Stop Growing? 

There’s a good possibility your lash growth was affected by a nutritional deficiency or lack of proper diet. It is common for nutritional deficiency to show in hair loss or slow hair growth, including eyelashes

For example, a deficiency in iron, zinc, niacin, fatty acids, selenium, and several other vitamins, including Vitamin D and A, may contribute to hair loss. Although, there are many other numerous possible reasons, such as undiagnosed medical conditions, harsh makeup removers, certain medications, or genetic disorders. 

However, it is still possible to try a few natural remedies to support and encourage eyelash growth

Can You Make Your Eyelashes Grow? 

Absolutely! The growth will require patience and consistency, but given the right tools and products, you can promote healthy eyelashes that appear fuller and longer. 

Of course, your growth won’t happen overnight. In fact, if you still notice after several months that there has been no visible change in the health of your eyelashes, then it may be time to chat with your doctor over the possibilities of why your eyelashes are taking longer to grow. 

Nine Ways to Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer Without Extensions

Let’s discuss possible ways to make your eyelashes grow longer without lash extensions and which treatment option would be best for your eyelashes

Healthy Lash Hygiene

The first and most important option is maintaining healthy lash hygiene. Because if you aren’t promoting healthy lashes through your hygiene, it won’t make any difference what remedy or treatment you try because your lash environment isn’t hospitable to growth. 

So, what do I mean by healthy lash hygiene? Healthy lash hygiene includes throwing away your mascara after being open for too long. Also, avoid rubbing your eyes or using an eyelash curler to curl the lashes forcibly or in excess. Excessive or forceful curling can increase eyelash fall and even stunt the growth cycle

And, last but not least, take off all of your eye makeup before you go to bed. 

Maintaining a Healthful Lifestyle

A nutritious diet filled with food that promotes health and vibrancy will help your lashes become healthy. You need fruits, vegetables, protein, iron, and other essential vitamins to stay healthy, and that also includes your eyelashes

Also, get plenty of fresh air and exercise. And, don’t forget to rub your eyes or do anything that could contribute to your lashes breaking. 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an excellent natural moisturizer and lashes enhancer. It’s also a great way to take off your mascara without damaging your eyelashes. Rub a little coconut oil on your eyelashes with your finger or a clean mascara wand consistently to contribute to their growth and strength. 

Don’t forget to be cautious of cross-contamination and only use coconut oil specific to your facial area without contaminating the jar or your eyes. 

Castor Oil

Castor oil is another natural option for making your eyelashes grow without extensions. Store-bought eyelash serums usually contain some form of castor oil and are believed to help moisturize the lashes. It is debatable whether castor oil lengthens the lashes, but they may appear more robust and fuller. 

Olive Oil

Some believe that olive oil is an excellent way to improve the length of your lashes and moisturize and soften them due to their richness in essential fatty acids

One option to avoid cross-contamination is to get disposable mascara brushes to put on then brush your lashes. Or you could put a little on your fingertips and gently massage them into your eyelashes

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil contains antioxidants and is safe to apply directly to your eyelashes and eye area. The oil will moisturize your eyelashes and contribute to the overall health of your eye area and body. 

Green Tea

Green tea has been a traditional tea to drink for many health benefits. Not surprisingly, green tea might also add to the growth of your eyelashes. In addition, green tea supports extra moisture to the skin and promotes healthy aging. 

Thus, green tea is an excellent option for promoting healthy skin and hair. The potential benefits are ideal for your health and the health of your eye and for strengthening your lashes to promote growth. 

Comb Your Eyelashes

Combining your eyelashes, just like brushing your hair, can potentially promote hair growth. Consistently combing your eyelashes can help separate your lashes and make them appear fuller, longer, and healthier. 

Find an eyelash comb that is gentle and safe to use on your lashes, and comb through your eyelashes a few times every day. It may be slow growth, but by combing your lashes, you are also keeping them healthy and making them appear fuller. 

Ways to Promote Healthful, Thick, and Longer Eyelashes

As simple as it may sound, while you are focusing on growing out your eyelashes, it is easy to touch them or feel them continually. The less you touch them, the better chance they have at promoting growth and health in your lashes. 

Remind yourself not to touch them unless absolutely necessary. 

Minimize Wearing Eye Makeup

Unless your mascara contains ingredients to promote healthy lashes and growth, it may be best to reduce the amount of eye makeup you wear while you are trying to encourage eyelash growth. Especially try to minimize the number of times you curl your eyelashes using an eyelash curler

Minimizing the use of eye makeup, mainly, mascara will prevent damaging your eyelashes or hair follicles and promote growth and health. 

Ask Your Doctor About Particular Vitamins or Other Remedies to Support the Natural Growth

Check with your primary care physician for any additional vitamins or anything they recommend to promote hair, particularly eyelash growth, such as an over-the-counter biotin supplement. In addition, they may have some suggestions that might be beneficial for your particular case. That is something you may need to promote health and growth in your body. 

Be Patient! 

As hard as it is to be patient with eyelash growth, the benefits are substantial in the long run. Patience is key for eyelashes. Even if the increase isn’t as fast or as much as you would’ve liked, you will still have incorporated healthy additions to your lifestyle. 

In addition, the health of your eye and your eyelashes will thank you for years to come. 

What Products Should You Use Near Your Lashes?

The products near your eye should always be safe and gentle to keep your lashes free from chemicals or irritating ingredients that might disturb their growth. It’s a good idea to use clean, vegan, paraben-free products in the eye area. For example, our 11th Hour: Cream Eyeshadow Stick contains jojoba oil and other natural oils that contribute to healthy eyes and eyelashes. Although it is waterproof, the 11th- Hour: Cream Eyeshadow Stick comes off safely and efficiently without damaging your eyelashes when trying to remove them.

Our Tip Off Makeup Swabs are aloe vera-infused cotton swabs that are gentle enough to use near your eyelashes and, therefore, not damage their growth. Aloe Vera is an antioxidant that helps calm and soothe the skin, perfect for promoting eyelash health and growth. They are small enough to help you apply winged eyeliner and strong enough to take off your eye makeup

As always, our products are all travel-friendly and TSA-approved to make sure you can still take care of your lash growth even while you’re traveling. 

All of our products are always compact and efficient to make room for what’s important. In addition, we at Alleyoop ensure each product is multi-functional and time-saving. 

Our products help clear the clutter in your makeup and beauty routine and make sure you are ready for whatever the day may bring without the added fuss of multiple steps in your morning and evening self-care routine. 


All in all, making your eyelashes longer without extensions through natural remedies is possible. It will take extra time and patience, but it’s well worth the wait to have healthy, naturally long lashes. Consistency is critical for helping your beautiful natural lashes grow, and before you know it, you’ll be glad you were! 

Follow these eight tips regularly and always use natural eye products when you wear makeup to promote growth. And go easy on the eyelash curler! After a few months, you’ll see how possible it is to have fuller, longer lashes without expensive products or dangerous chemicals.

Want to strive for a minimal beauty routine but not sure where to start? We have you covered. 

First, take our short, de-clutter Quiz to determine how much time you’re actually spending on your self-care routine. Then, we will personalize a bundle of compact, time and energy-saving products to help you cut the clutter once and for all! 

Have you found these tips to be helpful in naturally growing your eyelashes? Then share with us your experience by joining #teamalleyoop. We’d love to hear from you!   



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