How To Do Your Makeup So It Doesn’t Rub Off On Your Face

How To Do Your Makeup So It Doesn’t Rub Off On Your Face

We’ve all been there. You spend time getting your makeup just right before a big event. Work, social time, it doesn’t matter -- the point is you want your face to look a certain way. Then something comes along and ruins it. 

Maybe it was an unexpected rainstorm. Maybe your favorite fur baby gave you a sloppy kiss, maybe it was that last latte you had to have on your way into the office. Whatever the culprit, it took your oh-so-perfect look and smudged it beyond recognition. 

All of your hard work is sabotaged. Sigh!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to worry in constant fear that your makeup will be blown into oblivion or smeared into disarray in any given way. There’s a better way to put your face forward and take on the day. 

And that way is with makeup that will last. That’s what it’s all about with Alleyoop setting spray. It’s an incredibly quick step to ensuring your makeup has staying power. Take on the rest of your day with ease, thanks to this quick add-on you can spritz as you’re rushing out the door.

One quick step to keeping your face looking fresh all day long. 

Setting Spray

What is setting spray anyway? And how does it keep your makeup on and looking fresh all day long? Setting spray is a product that “sets” your makeup in place. Think of hairspray for your makeup, but without the sticky finish. It’s a way to keep your creams and powders right where they should be.

Setting spray should be the final event in your daily makeup routine. Put on makeup and a quick spritz before you rush off for work or that big date. It’s an incredibly quick and simple way to help keep your makeup game in check.

Stop worrying about if or when your products may smudge. Rest assured that your products are in place, thanks to confidence in your setting spray. 

Use a setting spray to help set your:

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Mascara
  • Eyeshadow
  • Powder 
  • Lipstick/lipgloss

Factors That Cause Makeup To Smudge

There are many ways your makeup can smudge throughout the day. But more importantly, it’s good to understand what can cause it to smudge. Knowing this upfront can help you prevent it from the very get-go.

That’s why Alleyoop’s 11th Hour is a best-selling smudge and crease-proof cream that delivers! 

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Cheap or oily makeup is more likely to smudge simply from the ingredients that it includes. If you aren’t already, stay away from cosmetics that have heavy oils. The good stuff is specifically designed to stay on your skin.

If you have oily skin, this is also something to consider. Opt for makeup that’s made for your skin to keep it in place. You should also use makeup as it's designed to be used.

Forgetting to use a primer, for instance, or layering something on too thick could cause a product to rub off prematurely. Consider what you’re using and how you’re wearing each product to keep it on your face longer and avoid unnecessary smudging. 

Wearing the right type of makeup that compliments your skin can do much for your daily look. Even before a setting spray, you can help keep your makeup in place and look neat for the long haul. Take this into consideration when choosing your makeup items or replacing your current stash. 

The Inconvenience of Smudged Makeup

Now that we can know what causes makeup to smudge, let’s take a minute to talk about what an inconvenience it can be. It’s an event that can range from a simple mess up to ruining your entire look for the day. 

A smudge means you have to fix your face, often by using removal products and then touching up. And if you don’t have what you need on hand, you’re left in a real pickle. ON any scale, we can agree that smudged makeup is a huge inconvenience. 

Not only is smudging embarrassing and an annoyance, but it can also mess with your confidence. It can keep you from putting your best face forward, and it can take away from your free time (even when you don’t have any). 

Instead, what if you could keep this from becoming an issue at all? By preventing smudges from the get-go, you can get the most out of each makeup wear. 

Improve Your Skincare Routine

Another way to improve the lasting power of your makeup is to work on your skin itself. Consider your current cleansing and moisturizing routine. 

What type of cleanser and moisturizer do you use? Does it help the look and feel of your makeup? Or does your skin need some TLC?

In either case, there’s hope for you yet! 

By choosing a high-quality moisturizing and cleansing combo, you can help your skin become smoother and better moisturized. All-around, it’s a way to better offset your makeup’s surface. Therefore, you can help your makeup apply on smoothly and stay on for longer just through your daily skincare routine. 

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Does Skin Health Matter?

OF course, the overall finish of your skin will affect how your makeup will look. This is dependent on your particular skin type and texture. Those with firm or moist skin will look different than someone’s skin that is oily, dry, or less smooth. Keep this in mind as you’re choosing products and determining what cleansing style you prefer. 

In short, yes, your skincare matters. 

The healthier your skin is, the better makeup products will sit on your face. Therefore, it’s worth taking just a little time to cleanse and tone each day. However, that doesn’t mean you have to take a big chunk of your day. Skincare routines can be quick and practical all in one. 

What Causes Makeup To Smudge? 

There are an endless amount of factors that could cause your makeup to smudge. (If you haven’t already experienced these in person, you’ve likely had this as a nightmare.) Take a look at these smudge-inducing events and consider how you can avoid them as everyday events.

Knowing what you may be getting into beforehand can allow you to prepare for the best. And to put your best foot forward. 


Weather is one of the biggest causes of makeup malfunctions. Makeup simply works better in ideal conditions (don’t we all). So when those factors are adjusted, the consistency is not on its top game. Makeup is more likely to smudge when it’s hot (add in sweat), it’s overly cold, raining, or windy.

Think about it -- wind can send anything flying into your face: hair, dirt, or any loose papers that may be left about. Meanwhile, sweat is a whole mood on its own; keeping makeup on is a challenge on its own when you’re overheated. The moisture of any kind is a fresh face’s nightmare. Rain, rain, go away! 

Pets or Human Kisses

A wet sloppy kiss just can’t take place with fresh makeup. At least, it shouldn’t. Tell this to your partner, dog, and the world -- your face is off-limits when makeup is on. 

Unexpected events

We can’t plan for what we don’t know is coming (obviously). But you can do your best to set your face up for success. Consider this going forward as you’re putting your face together and making it ready to face the day. 

Touching Your Face 

Hopefully, if you learned anything about germs, avoid touching your face throughout the day. Not only should you keep your hands clean, but away from your freshly applied face. 


Another common culprit is that of masks! They can take your makeup and run with it -- and worst of all, there’s no way around it. Of course, when something is directly against your skin, it’s going to take off your makeup. 

If you regularly wear a mask for work, you could even consider leaving makeup off of part of your face. For the occasional wearers, consider a touch-up when needed and call it good. 

How To Prep Your Best Makeup Routine Yet

You can create a routine with better-lasting makeup by thoughtfully creating steps to your facial routine from start to finish. Take care of your skin first. Take a look at Alleyoop’s skincare products. 

From cleansing and toning to makeup removal and hydration, you can set your skin up for success from day one. It doesn’t have to be complicated, either. 

Then, you can use makeup products that are good for your skin and that have great products. Looking great doesn’t have to take a long time. Even quick and efficient makeup can be long-lasting on the skin. 

Even if you don’t have time for a long or complicated makeup routine, you can gain value going forward with a solid skincare routine. That’s why it’s a step that’s ideal for all, even those who have overly simple makeup schedules. 

Don’t forget your setting spray! A good setting spray like Hold Tight can set your makeup and help it last for the long haul. 

Overall, there are different steps you can take to help keep your makeup on your face. Consider each of these steps and how you can use them to help refute daily smudges and smears. 

No one has time for makeup smudges or subsequent fixes. Plan ahead, use a setting spray, and take care of your skin for a healthy, lasting look

Keep looking your best all day long, every day of the year with Alleyoop. Ready to take our Quiz? Don’t forget to join the #alleyooptroop! 



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