How to Apply Inner Corner Eyeliner

How to Apply Inner Corner Eyeliner

Wearing eyeliner on the inner portions of your eye is a slick trick that you won’t soon forget. It’s a simple way to add depth to your eyes in one of your most hidden areas of the eye. Yes, that corner of the eye. 

When putting on eyeliner, there may or may not have been something you’ve done in the past. But it’s a great way to create light and shine in one fell swoop.

We’re talking about subtle placement, slight dabbing of the eyes, and endless possibilities. Who could want anything more out of such a simple move? Better yet is that you don’t need any additional gear. 

Simply use the eyeliner you already have on hand. Sharpen or use the end of an eyeliner tool for a slick way to add focus to your eyes in ways that you didn’t even know were possible. 

But that’s not all. Take a look at these various methods and how you can adjust eyeliner placement, color, and more to complement your eyes better. 

Plan By Eye Shape

First up, let’s talk about the type of eyes you have. This will play into how you move forward with the next makeup steps, where you will place the eyeliner, how you’ll place it, and more. 

Let’s take a minute to examine the type of eyes you have and what coloring looks best on your skin or against your eye color. Planning this now will help you know what to do (and what not to do) well into the future. 

Start by getting in front of the mirror. You are likely to know your eye color by heart -- even how it will change based on what you’re wearing or what type of light you’re in. But how many of us know our exact eye shape? It complicates things as we look back at our reflection, which is the opposite of what we see every day. 

What’s Your Eye Shape?

Look in the mirror and determine what shape your eye holds. Is it round? Large? Small? Almond? Eyes can also be upturned, downturned, almond, hooded, or monolid. If you don’t already know what category (or categories) you fall into, do a quick Google search to compare. Find the model that looks closest to your own eyes and make a note of where you fall. 

What’s Your Eye Color?

As mentioned, you will know the answer to this without question. But it’s still good to bring it to light along with your eye shape. Rather than just saying, “I have brown eyes,” think to yourself, “I have brown eyes that are big and round.” Or “My eyes are blue and almond-shaped.” Or, “My green eyes are small and downturned.” Keep these factors in mind as one to help you try out new makeup steps and ideas. 

A few rules of thumb to remember:

  • Light eyes can be overly offset with a dark eyeliner. If you aren’t looking for a dramatic look, go a few shades lighter.
  • Dark skin is gorgeous against metallic liners in the center lid. This is a look that simply can’t be overdone. Don’t forget it. 
  • If you’re light-skinned and still want a metallic look, consider a cream or tan with a shimmer to add shine, but without the brass. 

Putting Eyeliner on Round or Big Eyes

If you have big or round eyes, congratulations. You can experiment and try out virtually any style that you want. Unconventional, regular, whatever suits you and your big eyes, go for it. The chances are that it will look beyond beautiful, even if you mess it up.

You may not be able to pull off a hot red lip or have a strong jawline (then again, maybe you can), but for you, eyeliner is where it’s at. Don’t overlook the power of this move and all that you can do with it.

If you have big eyes, consider your inner eyeliner options. Feel free to opt for a darker color like black or dark brown to top off your look if you are dark-eyed. You can start at the mid-line in your inner eye and draw the liner up and across the entire lid. You can do the same on the bottom as a stand-alone event or get crazy and do them both simultaneously.

We told you, the rules simply don’t apply to you. Go nuts already.

If you have lighter-colored eyes, consider a color that matches or contrasts your eye color and use it just in the V of your eyelid. This can be a great way to get those bold and beautiful eyes to pop that much further. 

The Best Inner Eyeliner on Almond Eyes

If your eyes are more almond-shaped, consider using a lighter color on the interior of your eyelids. Dab white or metallics into the very corner, or even just along the top portion of your V, and draw out along the interior of your lid. This should continue until the start of your lash line. 

If you have upturned eyes, you may want to do this on the bottom portion of the lid and vice versa for downturned eyes. 

You can also experiment with colors and lines to see what you like most. You may find that you like a different method for each line, style, or level of fanciness for the day. 

The Best Inner Eyeliner on Small Eyes

If your eyes are smaller, the chances are that you want to open them up rather than have them closed off. You can do this with a simple or quick dab of highlighter to the interior of your eye. Dab a light pink or metallic eyeshadow to the interior of your eye, just beside the bridge of the nose. Add a similar liner color to the inside of your lid’s V while you’re at it.

This move can help open the eye, and ultimately, it can create the illusion of a wider lens. 

The biggest move you will not want to make as the holder of smaller eyes is to close them off. Avoid dark colors on the interior of your eyes, which can create shadows. A full line of dark liner can also create a closed-off eye, rather than opening it up. Instead, opt for bright colors in the center and a dark line that sits along the lash’s edges on the outer portion of the eye. 

Then again, rules were made to be broken. Want to try something taboo? Do it. Like a look that “wasn’t made” for your eye shape or color? Ultimately, your look is up to you, and you should do whatever you see fit. Avoid the naysayers and put your product to good use. Make your face pop in a way that you love, and that makes you feel most confident. 

How to Apply Inner Eye Liner

No matter what eye shape you choose, you’ll want to follow a few best practices on how to apply makeup to the interior of your eye. Take a look at these tips and tricks on how you can keep your eyes cleaner, healthier, and looking their best. 

First, ensure that your eye is clean and ready to take on the day as you’re applying eyeliner on the inner portion of your lids. This may sound silly, but it’s a step that can smear and smudge your entire look if you don’t do it properly. 

As you wash your face in the morning, dab out the sleep and clean your lashes of any crust from the night before. (Yuck! We know it’s gross.) Failing to do so can cause your eyes to leak and tear up for hours to come. Get out those crusties once and for all before you ever add your liner. This will also create the best results possible. 

Next, get out any excess goop in the mornings while you’re at it. Guys, eyes can be so gross. So much stuff comes out of them. Be sure your hands are clean and get out as much gunk as possible. Thoroughly cleaning your face in the evening can help further prevent eye gunk in the morning, too. 

Ready Your Tools

Now it’s time to get your products ready for use. If you have an eyeliner stick make sure it’s sharpened and ready to go. A dull eye stick will just bleed into your eye, causing discomfort and unwanted placement

If you’re using a brush, it too should be cleaned and ready to go. Remember, if you’re using eyeshadow on the interior of your eyelid, you can easily do this by dipping in the back of the brush and sitting it gently along your eyelid. 

In any case, your gear should be ready for use to make sure the product goes where you want it and d stays put. All while helping keep your eyes as safe as possible. 


Applying eyeliner into the inner portion of your eye doesn’t have to be a complicated thing. It can be a simple and easy way to add a flattering look to your overall makeup routine. By choosing steps best suited for your eye coloring and shape, you can also help add the desired look to your eye while you’re at it. 

There is no wrong or right way to do your eyeliner. However, if you want to achieve certain looks, you can follow certain steps, like paying attention to eye shape and choosing a color or placement of liner you most desire. 

Adding in best practices, such as cleaning hands and brushes before you use them and ensuring your eyeliner is sharp before using it, can allow your liner to last even longer. While creating that much-desired look.

To learn more about how to achieve the perfect inner eyeliner and how you can achieve it for yourself, take a look at Alleyoop’s selection of colors and more. 

But don’t worry about creating a long or complicated process for your makeup routine; you’ve got stuff to do! Inner eyeliner can be a quick addition that can help your eyes pop. Add a dash of shimmer, or glam it up for a night out -- no matter what you do, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Quick and out the door is what we’re all about, and with Alleyoop’s products, you can do just that. 

Save your time while creating your best look yet. To learn more about available eyeliner or shadow sticks, head to our beauty product page.



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