How To Choose the Right Color Blush for Your Face

How To Choose the Right Color Blush for Your Face

No other product pulls your look together like the right color blush. However, when it comes to blush, there are a few definite makeup rules to follow. 

Blush is an excellent addition to anyone’s makeup routine. It can add warmth and color to your skin tone and make you look radiant and healthy. Of course, a little goes a long way but picking the right shade for your skin tone and complexion can make or break your entire makeup routine. 

So, how do you pick the perfect blush color for your skin? With so many options today, it’s easy to get lost in the dozens of blush colors and numerous options for application – creams, powders, and sticks.

So, we at Alleyoop have put together the ultimate guide of how to choose the right color blush for your face. From choosing the right blush color for your skin tone to finding the right shade of blush for your face shape. 

Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Should You Be Using Blush in Your Makeup Routine? 

Before we get started, let’s decide if blush is something you should have in your makeup routine. Maybe you have rosy cheeks, to begin with, and you think that you may not need blush. 

On the other hand, perhaps you’ve always used blush, but you’ve never been satisfied with the blush shades you’ve tried.

Alleyoop is here to help. 

The thing about blush is that it is a perfect addition to anyone’s makeup routine if you find the right color for your skin tone and face shape. Everyone can benefit from adding the perfect blush color to a makeup routine.

It’s still essential to use blush, even if you already have naturally rosy cheeks, to even out your complexion and the rosiness of your cheeks. 

However, if you have been using blush for years but are still searching for the perfect color for your skin tone, it’s crucial to look at your entire face, such as your jawline and face shape. 

Whatever the case, maybe we are here to guide you through the process and help you find the perfect shade for your face. 

How to Choose the Right Shade of Blush for Your Face  

Choosing the right shade of blush for your face will help give your complexion a healthful glow by adding a natural-looking color to the overall texture and undertones of your skin. It’s easy to be intimidated by the multiple arrays of colors, but don’t worry, there’s only a couple of questions to ask yourself before picking out a blush color.

First, decide what kind of blush you need: a powder, a cream, or a stick. 

A creamy powder form of blush is the most versatile for most of us and doesn’t dry out our skin for a more natural, blendable consistency. Often cream or stick forms of blush can be too dewy or move your foundation or powder under your blush. In addition, blush in a stick can tend not to blend and a moisturizing powder. 

Second, one of the most important considerations when choosing the right color blush for your skin is your skin tone (and undertone!). 

For example, if you have pink or bluish skin undertones, you may have a fair or cool complexion. 

You probably have a medium skin tone if you have olive skin color or a warmer, peach skin tone. 

And finally, if you have darker red undertones, you probably have a darker complexion. Once you’ve determined the kind of blush you need and your skin tone, then you can choose the best color of blush that suits your face. 

Choosing the Right Color Blush for Fair Skin tones 

Fair skin can often have difficulty finding the best blush color because if you don’t have just the right amount of color in your blush, it can quickly look almost clownish in color. 

However, with just the right amount of color, your fair skin can look naturally, healthfully flushed (which is what you want). Don’t be afraid to test these colors first. 

Due to the varying shades of undertones in our skin, you will want to try to blend your brush with the rest of your skin tone to make sure it matches. 

For example, do you have yellow or pink undertones? Yellow undertones often go better with peach blush colors, and pink undertones are better with pink blush colors. 

Choosing the Right Color Blush for Medium Skin Tones 

Medium skin tones have more freedom to be somewhat creative with their blush colors because of the diverse range of undertones in their skin tone. In addition, medium skin tones work well with a variety of blush colors. 

For example, with medium skin tones, you could use bright, vibrant blush colors, or if you have a more olive skin tone, you could lean toward warm peach or bronze blush colors due to the greenish warmth undertone. 

If you have a medium skin tone, you’ll want to take notice of your skin undertones because that will help determine the best blush color for your face. 

For example, olive skin has a neutral flush, so you’ll probably want to stay more towards the warm peaches, roses, and coppers. 

Choosing the Right Color Blush for Dark Skin Tones  

If you have a darker skin tone, your blush color can lean toward reds, berries, and plums. Warm colors go well with deeper skin tones because they will add a natural yet bold and flirty color to the rest of your makeup. 

The right shade of blush for darker skin tones depends on how bold a choice you would like to try. You have many fun options, and you can go as dramatic as you want, and it will still pair well with even a small amount of makeup. 

A few blush colors that go well with dark skin tones include:

  •     Red
  •     Berry
  •     Tangerine
  •     Plum 

Any of these options are suitable for a day or night look, depending on the occasion. Experiment with the color range and see what works best for you. 

For example, Plum and Red tend to be a better option for a dramatic evening look or a bold everyday choice. Not to mention, Tangerine is just as versatile. 

Don’t Forget Your Face Shape!  

Okay, so now we know our skin tone (and undertone!). We know what colors work best for our overall skin complexion and make a great addition to our makeup routine. 

But, what about our face shape? 

Believe it or not, our face shape helps us choose the right blush color for our face. Our blush color can make or break our entire makeup routine, but our face shape determines how to apply the perfect shade of blush for our look. 

Therefore, your blush placement plays a significant role in applying your makeup and helps your overall makeup routine. 

For example, if you have a round face, you want to be careful in applying your blush because you don’t want to start having a clownish look due to the concentration of blush landing in the apple of your cheeks. 

There are four most common face shapes, and we’ve compiled a list of suggestions for applying your blush for each face shape to achieve the perfect look for each face shape. 


Blush is best applied on the oval face at the top of the cheekbone to add elevation and definition to your cheeks. 


Blush should be applied from the cheeks to the temple for the heart-shaped face. Find the apple of your cheeks and follow up with your application brush to your temples.


If you have a square face shape, apply your blush below the cheekbones. Using your blush below the cheekbones helps soften the sternness of a square jawline and helps give a natural flushed look to the face. 


It’s easy to feel like blush will make your round face shape even rounder with applying the right color in the correct way to the face, blush will make your round face shape more defined and sharper. 

With a round face, apply your blush below the cheeks to the hairline. 

Still Not Sure if You Need To Add Blush to Your Makeup Routine? 

Maybe you’re still not sure whether or not you should add blush to your makeup routine. Perhaps the time or space you feel like you will be adding to your routine has you worried. 

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To effectively choose the right color blush for your face, you need to determine your skin tone and skin undertone before trying your new blush.

You also need to find your face shape to correctly apply the right blush color for your face. Adding blush to your makeup routine is a great way to even your complexion and give you a natural, healthy glow! 

Have you already tried our stackable blush? We’d love to hear about it! Join #joinalleytroop to tell us how it went! 



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