Great Looks Using A Rose Gold Cream Eyeshadow Stick

Great Looks Using A Rose Gold Cream Eyeshadow Stick

Alleyoop’s 11th hour cream eyeshadow stick in the shade Gotta Guava (shimmer) is a best-selling smudge and crease-proof cream eyeshadow with strong pigments and is super long-lasting. Cream eyeshadow sticks remove the worry about needing a brush or breaking your powder shadows in travel. They are easy to use and versatile but are often branded as the swipe-and-go product.

Sure, for the minimalists at heart, a simple one-toned lid can be the perfect way to add a little warmth to the face without taking too much time or effort, but the cream eyeshadow stick can do so much more. Cream shadows can be used alone or paired with other cream or powdered shades to create a complete makeup look.

You can pair cream shadows with a no-makeup makeup look or a full nighttime glam look. Whether you want to find your everyday makeup routine or incorporate some spice into your life, a rose gold cream shadow stick can meet you there.

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Cream Versus Powder Eyeshadow

Before using a cream shadow, it is beneficial to understand the difference between cream and powder shadows. You have likely used a powder eye shadow that can be either pressed or loose pigments. You can then use a brush or applicator to transfer the pigments onto the eyes. The pigments can be blended using a blending brush.

Cream eyeshadows have an oil base that suspends the pigments, and they come with a stick applicator. The natural oils like jojoba oil create a soft look and keep your eyelids well hydrated. You can add additional cream shadow to the crease and blend with an applicator, brush, or finger to create a seamless look.

Creams and powders are not usually used together because the powders may stick to the cream shadows, making them difficult to blend. However, there may be some techniques that take advantage of their different properties together.

No Makeup Makeup Look

One of the most common makeup trends recently is the no-makeup makeup look. This trend utilizes makeup to enhance your natural beauty instead of covering it with extra makeup to create a specific effect or design.

Eyes: Apply a light wash of the rose gold shadow across the eyelid. You can also add a light brown shade to the crease if you want a little more definition on the lids. You can apply brown or black mascara to your lashes to draw attention to the eyes.

Face: For the face, you can opt for a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Extra points if it also includes sunscreen. Concealers can help to cover dark spots, blemishes, or under-eye circles. Face makeup should be a way to create a more even skin tone, but should not create a thick layer of foundation. Think light and bright. Some highlighter and blush can add a pop of color and dewy finish making you look effortless.

Lips: For the lips, opt for a tinted lip lotion like the double team. Doing so will add a light color to your lips and keep them hydrated all day.

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Daytime Makeup Look

A daytime makeup look is a step up in the drama department from the no-makeup makeup look. Many of the same elements may be at play, but it is more noticeable that you have put your makeup on and look stunning.

Eyes: For the eyes begin with a base of the rose gold shadow. Blend light and medium shades of brown into the crease. Coffee Break and Taupe Dollar would be great shades to blend in the crease. Do not use a heavy hand when applying the crease shadow. Black mascara and a thin line of eyeliner may add the perfect punch to the look.

Face: A light foundation or tinted moisturizer is a great base for the face. On top of that, you can incorporate a blush and highlighter to the tops of the cheeks. Using a small amount of bronzer, you can define the cheekbones and create more definition.

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Lips: A tinted lip lotion or neutral lip is a great no-fuss option for the lips. When you are going to work or out on the weekend, the last thing you want is to be worried about your lipstick. Choose something that is low maintenance so that you can thrive throughout your day.

Nighttime Makeup Look

A night time makeup look is perfect for dinner with friends or family or heading to an event. Since it is darker at night, it takes a little more makeup to be noticeable at night. You may want to get a little more dramatic or heavy-handed with the application.

Eyes: On the inner 1/3 of the lid, place a pearl champagne color like Baby Pearl. You can even bring this into the inner corner of the eye for a bit of pop. On the outer ⅔ of the lid place, the rose gold shadow. In the crease, slowly build from light to medium to dark brown.

Focus the dark brown more on the outer corner of the eye to draw it out and up. Make your eyes pop with eyeliner. Use a black liner to create a bold cat-eye and apply black mascara or a false lash.

Face: Choose a light to medium coverage foundation based on your preference, along with the concealer of your choice. Use a berry or terracotta blush, champagne highlight, and bronzer to contour the face.

Lips: On the lips, choose a more bold lipstick like a berry or even red. If you prefer a more toned-down lip, you can always choose a beautiful nude to balance out the look.

Inner Corner Highlight

Sometimes you need to add a little brightness to the already existing look. A rose gold cream shadow can be the perfect way to bring more attention to your eyes and brighten up the area when you use it in your inner corner. The shimmer will catch the light and enhance your beautiful features.

Since it is in a stick form, you can pinpoint exactly where you want the highlight to be. If you want to narrow down the application area, you can utilize the attached sharpener to make the tip a little finer.

Think Outside the Box

 The great thing about makeup is you can get creative and make things work for you. Cream eyeshadow does not have to be applied only to the eyes- it can be a great multi-use tool to minimize your products and be as efficient as possible.

One out-of-the-box way you can use rose gold eyeshadow sticks is as a highlighter.

The cream stick format is commonly used for highlighter sticks as well, so it translates well. The stick applicator allows you to place the highlighter along the cheekbone precisely, and the creamy consistency allows you to blend with a brush, sponge applicator, or your fingers to create a softer and more diffused look. The rose gold tones create warmth in the face and allow you to skip the blush if you want.


A rose gold shadow stick can be a versatile tool in your makeup kit or collection with Alleyoop. It is amazing how you can use this single color to create a great makeup look for almost every event and situation.

When creating a practical makeup collection, you want to choose items that can be multifunctional and make sense for your life. There is no need to buy 20 color shadows when only a handful can do so many different things. It is all part of the fun of getting creative to end up with an efficient and time-saving routine.

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