Choosing the Best Eyeliner for Your Eye Color

Choosing the Best Eyeliner for Your Eye Color

The last time you wore eyeliner, how much consideration did you put into what color or texture you’d wear? 

Whether it was today, yesterday, or a week ago, chances are there was some level of consideration on choosing what to wear … (or what not to wear). That consideration might have been none at all; maybe you just chose the eyeliner stick that was closest to you and called it a morning.

Then again, maybe you spend the time deciding what you should wear, collaborating with your outfit, accessories, or the particular eyeshadow you want to wear that day. 

Do you always wear the same color? Were you trying a new outfit and wanted to opt for something new? What is it about a particular type of eyeliner that called to you?

We’re getting so deep about eyeliner here because, for many, it’s an intense decision. Not only in where to place it but in what color or what type of liner you’ll wear each day. Take a look at these best tips -- including best practices -- on how you should wear your eyeliner based on eye shape and color, and determine the best fit for you once and for all. 

Don’t worry, you can change that choice as much or as little as you want. After all, that’s what makeup is all about -- experimenting, having fun, and allowing yourself to look and feel your best! 

What’s Your Eye Color?

We know you know, so there’s no pressure here. But make a note of what color of eyes you have. For some, this is a no-brainer. Maybe your eyes are brown or black -- they’re neutral and can be adapted to match any number of outfits. 

But then it gets tricky. The color may not always remain the same for blue, green, golden, or hazel eyes. Sure, different colors look fabulous on you, but they also change the hue of your eyes. It allows them to pick up flecks of different colors and reflect them onto the world. Ultimately, this affects the color of your eye and how it appears to everyone else. 

Does this help you choose an eyeliner color? No, not necessarily. You can still wear the color you’ll wear. But it’s worth noting. 

After all, the color of liner you may use can also help change the color that your eyes reflect. Or, just knowing what the liner can do can allow you to choose based on how you want your eyes to look that day.

So, if your eyes shift, pay attention to how they shift and what colors make them pop in ways that you like best. 

Best Eyeliner Shades for Brown Eyes 

If you have brown eyes, these colors will best flatter when wearing eyeliner. Brown eyes are dark all on their own, so dark colors pair nicely against their earthy hues. Consider brown liner or black to make your eyes pop more dramatically. 

Meanwhile, a midnight blue will give a similar popping factor but with a less dramatic flare. 

If you aren’t ready for a full-on eyeliner look with any color, consider dotting the inner Vs. for an elegant look that still pops, just with a little more subtle nature. 

In any color, you can line the entirety of your under lid or experiment with the shape of your eye and have some fun with it. Try a wing, an upper lid line, or any combination of the above. 

But those aren’t the only colors you can use, either. A metallic gold or rose color will help the inner flecks of your brown eyes to shine through. 

If you want to get bolder with your liner, try a deep purple. Bold and beautiful, purple is notorious for making brown eyes look and feel gorgeous. This is a fun way to try a new color and look your best while doing it. 

Consider experimenting with these colors and seeing what options you like best. This is a great way to make your eyes pop and have them look beautiful every time you add eyeliner to your daily makeup routine. 

How and Where to Apply Your Eyeliner

There is no wrong or right way to apply your eyeliner. The only “wrong” way is the way that you don’t like. Check out various tutorials to find the shape and method you enjoy best before moving forward with your next eyeliner application. 

You can also pay attention to the shape of your eye and create a line based on what will best flatter the shape of your particular eyes, their setting, and your skin tone. Again, there is no wrong way to go about this, but some options may bring out your best features better than others. 

Consider your eyeliner style while you’re at it. There are liquid liners, sticks that smudge onto your eyelids or within the inner corners of your eyes. Then there are dry sticks that must be moistened before they’ll adhere to your skin. 

Opt for the method that works best for you and consider them working into your daily (or glammed up) makeup routine. 

Eyeliner for Hazel Eyes 

If you have hazel eyes, you’ll opt for an entirely different base of colors. Hazel eyes are beautiful in their own light, in that they pop and reflect so many colors. In addition, they can have multiple flecks of color all at once. 

Get those flecks to pop even further by lining your lids with a dark emerald green liner. Deep blues can have a similar effect. Switch it up based on what you’re wearing and what colors you want reflecting in your eyes that day. 

Gold is another excellent choice for hazel eyes, as it even further brings out the inner gold. Layer gold along the green for an even better way to make your eyes pop. 

Copper or bronze can have a similar effect on the eyes. Pair this color with darker tones, or use them all on their own for a dramatically elegant look. 

While you’re at it, don’t forget the browns. A light brown can do wonders for hazel eyes, especially when you’re wearing earthy tones. Don’t overlook just how much impact this simple step can have on your daily makeup routine. 

How and Where to Apply Your Eyeliner

Hazel eyes have their pick of the litter on where eyeliner can sit, especially for lighter tones. Play around with it and create a look that you enjoy most. You should also consider the impact you can get from dabbing a metallic shade on the corners of your eyes to enhance your eyes’ glow further. 

Finally, don’t forget to check out the shape of your eyes, too. Pay attention to what color placement does for your overall features and play it up as best suits your desired outcome. 

Eyeliner for Blue Eyes 

Now, it’s time to break into some color -- some eye color, that is. Blue eyes are some of the most colorful options available. Those born lucky come with varying shades of blue eyes, ranging from the lightest, brightest of hues to deep and mysterious blues that we can only dream about.

Take a look at these best eyeliner options for you and your baby blues. 

In order to make your eyes as blue as possible, use a dark navy blue liner. We’re talking blue pop overload! In a good type of way, that is. This is a great way to take your eyes to the next level and go all-in on naturally given blueness. 

Consider the  Bronze Medal (shimmer) from 11th Hour: Cream Eyeshadow & Liner Stick to take your eye game to the next level. Cover the interior of your lids with a light brown for days you want to remain subtle and flawless with your eyeliner look. 

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Another way to make your blue eyes pop is with an orange undertone, like Coffee Break, a nude terracotta. 

Ohhh -- we can see it already, and we are psyched in advance for this look! The opposite colors pair well together and give your eyes an extra bit of something that you can’t get from other portions of the color wheel.

Consider this step with your eyeliner choice for a new way to attack your eyeliner routine. Not to mention, getting incredible results along the way. 

How and Where To Apply Your Eyeliner

To help your eye color pop with these trends, flow your liner along the bottom part of the lid. This will reflect up into your eyes and help them glow. If you still want liner on the top lid, you can pair another color that’s still flattering. Or go bold and use the same color all around. 

The choice is yours. 

The more you experiment and get comfortable with your eyeliner, you’ll determine what you do and don’t like. You can get even braver while trying new colors or stick to the basics by knowing what you know and love best. 

Eyeliner for Green Eyes

If you have green eyes, we’re ready for you! Green eyes are a distant cousin from blue eyes -- still having the ability to jump between hues and follow various color patterns, but in a way that is unique to them. Green eyes usually have multiple hues of green within them, including flecks of colors like hazels and browns. 

If you want to create a contrasting look, use a red liner -- yes, RED! 

We’re not saying go out and find a red eyeliner, but there are plenty of versions with a red base. Burgundy, mahogany, certain browns, or even bronzes are great options for those with green eyes. 

The contrast will allow your eyes to pop while creating a nice line of color that can be used to your favor. We’re talking next-level gorgeous with this combination. When choosing, hold various colors near your eye to see which particular hue works best against your unique color combination. 

However, we recommend a tip. Red liners can sometimes seep into the lashes and create a pink undertone. 

To avoid this, we suggest using a thin line of black just along the lash line. This will keep your reds where they need to be and allow you to look your best all day long, with no seeping eyeliner in sight. 

Next, try purple eyeliner for another fun way to make your greenest greens come to light. Try light colors, like lavender or violet, for a subtle look, while amethyst and plum offer more dramatic results. 

How and Where to Apply Your Eyeliner

Go big or go home -- we’re talking full eyeliner here. You can take it around your eyes to create a full popping look day in and day out with contrasting colors. Or, if you want to tone it down a little, add a liner to the under or outer portions of your lids for a look that’s still beautiful. 

Add metallic touches to the inner corners of your eyes for an added layer of shine every time you glam up. 

We also recommend using waterproof versions when using these fun colors. No one wants eyeliner that runs. But when you’re using off-the-wall colors, it’s best to keep them in check. Stable and in place all day long for a better way to wear your eyeliner. 

Plus, doing so will give you the confidence that your eyeliner is steadily in place and not elsewhere below your lashes. 

Eyeliner for Gray Eyes 

Yes, we said gray eyes. Believe it or not, it’s a thing. It’s just not all that common of a thing. There are few rare individuals blessed with this gorgeous feature. And those who can play up their eyeliner to offset the beautiful colors that lie deep within their eyes. 

Gray eyes aren’t void of color, but they have their own unique flecks that can be played up by applying the right eyeliner shades. They are like having a smokey eye that goes into the eye itself. It’s truly a look to behold. 

If you want to offset the color that sets your gray eyes, consider using a burgundy or warm brown color. This will help pick up on the varied flecks and shine as much light on them as possible. 

Use it across the length of your bottom lid for an instant pop and boost to your lids and eyes alike. However, if you want to focus on keeping your smoky, glowing look, there’s a color for that too. 

Instead, opt for a silver or white liner. This is an incredible look that blends into whatever color you’re wearing. We particularly love this look with neutral colors, like blacks, white, tan, and brown. It’s a simple way to add to your earthy look.

How and Where To Apply Your Eyeliner

When playing up the gray-ness in your eyes, line the liner across the entirety of your lids -- under and over. 

Go all out and place it on the outside of the lid as well. Meanwhile, if you prefer to use a color, you can use it on the exteriors of your corners or add more for a different way to enhance the overall look. 

Take a minute to determine your look for the day and how you want your eyes to appear. 

Doing so can help you choose the best color for the said look that will accompany your eye color that day and beyond. It’s a conscious choice, but one you have control of in the weeks and months ahead. 

Determine what’s right for you and make it happen. 

Choosing Your Eyeshadow 

Now, the fun only continues. Once you’ve chosen solid colors with which you can line your eyes, it’s time to move on to the shadow that will accompany it. This is a good time to try something new because you can choose a palate and run with it -- we’re talking the same color from brow to lower lid -- at least the same color family. 

Or you can really mix it up and use varied colors. There is no right or wrong here. But you will want to consider how the colors will play against one another when they are paired side by side.

Then, after you’ve applied your shadow, you may want to go back in and touch up your oh-so-perfect liner. Especially when using metallic shadows, flecks can call onto the lashes and inner portions of the lid.

This is a great final step before walking out the door. Especially if you’re going to a fancier event or dressing up. It will help your liner pop that much more with an added layer to seal the deal. 


Choosing the best eyeliner for your eye color doesn’t have to be rocket science. It’s a matter of knowing what looks are most flattering for your eye color, shape, and style, then putting it all together. You can experiment and find your favorites as well.

Doing so is a great way to learn what works best on your eye color and how you can make them pop in the ways that you find most flattering, whether you’re dressing casually and doing an everyday makeup look, to glamming it up and going all out. Eyeliner is so versatile you can adjust it to whatever may suit your needs at the time.

The choice is yours, all you have to do is understand how your makeup works and find new ways to make your eyeliner choice your own. 

Try out a new color each day until you’ve found a favorite. Or experiment with style and shape to even further switch up your options with eyeliner and overall outcome. 

Don’t forget to take our Quiz and join the #alleyooptroop today!



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